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I recently end up with my 5th month here at MarkAce and I was dying to share my experience what I had gone through in these awesome five months. I had joined markace last year in september and I truly feels myself fortunate enough to get an opportunity to work in such a blasting and soothing environment. I am aware of both these words i.e blasting and soothing, they are contrast to each other but this is what it feels working here. Blasting when it is fun and soothing when we are working.

In my belief work standards get its ultimate height when we have a leader inspiring us in all modes of achievements and life. Yes I am about to move my words towards our Director & CEO, Mr. Ritoban Chakrabarti. He is true inspiration to me. This is the best thing that I have experienced and I would love to share it at this very moment. Here at Markace I got an opportunity to directly interact with our CEO and guess what? he doesn’t have to ask others to recall my name. He is concerned about us and provided us with a liberty to feel like home. Its fun working here and I am enoying working. I dont know what others have in their hearts but since its my first job I find myself at a place where I wanted to be.

Unlike other companies what I use to hear from my friends, I genuinely admire the working standards and liberty in a positive direction what I perceived in these wonderful five months. We are more like friends than colleague and thats what becomes a reason to enjoy every single day working at Markace.

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