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How Many Landing Pages Do You Need?

Having multiple landing pages for your affiliates is integral to your business’s success. You’ll be amazed at the kind of results you’ll get with having multiple landing pages!

The thing is, your affiliates have different types of audience. Not to mention the fact that their traffic is coming from different sources. Considering this, you need to make sure that the landing pages that their traffic is directed to is a perfect fit to their specific traffic.

Because of this, having only one landing page can cost you a lot of missed sale! You need to have multiple landing pages to cater the kind of traffic that your affiliates send.

That said, allow me to share with you the details that you need to know about landing pages and all the nuts and bolts that you need to know about it.

<some image comes here> Multiple Landing Pages for Affiliates

What is a landing page?

  • As an affiliate, a landing page is practically a customized and targeted sales pitch, mainly designed to sway your visitors from responding to your CTA or call to action. For the most part, landing pages are attractive, elegant and clean web pages that instantly draw the attention of your readers and visitors on sight.
  • A landing page can be considered a continuation of your affiliate program’s upstream advertising, such banners and paid search.
  • For consumers and visitors of your site or affiliate site, a landing page is a web page that provides additional details and information on what he or she can get from subscribing to your newsletters or buying your products. These pages can be designed for any adequate resource, such as putting a new ebook for download, offering a particular service, selling products and product promotion.

How can a landing page benefit me and my affiliates?

  • A better way of generating leads. A landing page can easily generate more leads for your affiliate business. Compared to sending traffic to homepages, using a landing page will generate leads at a higher and faster rate. As a merchant of affiliate manager, a landing page creates an easy and simple way to create leads for your affiliates that you may then easily distribute, nurture or segment to your affiliate team.
  • Boost conversion rates. Affiliate programs and online businesses that use landing pages have better conversion rates than the ones that did not take advantage of them. Apparently, landing pages work a lot better than the actual web pages, especially when landing pages are consisted of attractive contents and compelling designs.
  • A place to store your offers. A landing page can be used as a separate sales channel for your affiliate business or online store. With a landing page, you get a sales page where you can display all the services and products you are offering to your readers and products.

A lot of affiliate managers and merchants tend to pay more attention to driving more traffic to their affiliate site or actual website. Creating more website traffic, however, would be useless unless you have page that supports all your efforts in lead generation.

<some image comes here>bad landing pages

The concept of using a landing page is to provide visitors a page where they can see and understand your products and services.

  • Gives you a way to collect essential data about your customers. For every conversion, you get a valuable piece of information that will help you know more about your leads and customers. With the data gathered from your landing page, you as well as your affiliates will be able to determine what kinds of consumers, personas and visitors are converting. On top of that, you get ideas on how you can create more conversions from your landing page and the whole affiliate business.
  • Saves money from your advertising. Utilizing a landing page for your affiliate can actually help you save a lot of money from your advertising. By getting more conversions from focused web pages, you get to generate more leads, which will boost your sales revenue. As a result, you get a chance to decrease your costs of advertising, and put more funds on other affiliate marketing techniques, such as social media outreach, SEO and higher budget PPC ads.

More is definitely better than one

Using a multitude of landing pages is by far a lot better than relying on a single one. By using a number of landing pages, an affiliate or merchant gets to enjoy a plethora of benefits that cannot be attained by using a single landing page.

More leads and conversions

The more landing pages you use for your affiliate business, the more opportunities you, as an affiliate, will have in converting regular website visitors into leads and buyers. Aside from that, using a multitude of landing pages can greatly benefit your SEO efforts as well. Basically, increasing the number of landing pages for your site means that you have more landing pages that would be indexed and included in search engines.

Better Google rankings

As a result of higher conversion rates and more user engagement, your business or actual website will have better rankings in Google. With Google’s Panda update, sites with more user engagement will rank higher in Google’s search result pages.

<some image comes here> better google rankings

More upstream advertising

As an advertising tool, landing pages can help you promote your products and services to a wider audience.

Adds more variety to your business

Having a multitude of landing pages implies that you will have more variety for your business. A multitude of landing types is very essential to affiliates, especially to those who have multiple types of users and followers. With variety, you get to cater to various types of consumers and internet users, which will increase your website traffic as well as boost conversion rates.

Helps test your pages’ efficiency

Having a multitude of landing pages can enable you to develop a series of tests that will help optimize your business’s lead conversion. In this case, you can use multi-variant landing pages to determine what types of landing pages are generating more leads and conversions. In addition to that, using these pages for testing can help you determine a resonant and vibrant message for your services and products.

As an affiliate or a merchant, you need to take advantage of a platform that will test and compare your landing pages from each other. You may use the simple yet effective A/B testing technique or other complex testing schemes.

Aside from testing schemes, there are a lot of tools that will help you differentiate and compared your businesses’ landing pages.

Here are some of the tools that you can use for your tests:

<some image comes here>  Landing Pages Testing

  • HubSpot Enterprise. This is a significant affiliate marketing tool that will handle all aspects of your multi-variant testing and creation of landing pages. Basically, this online tool merges your automated marketing applications, so you can get real-time data and information pertaining to the user interactions on your landing pages.
  • Unbounce. This tool not only helps you create the best landing pages for your business, but it also comes with analytical tracking features and testing platforms.
  • Google Website Optimizer. You cannot expect your affiliate site to succeed unless it uses Google Website Optimizer. Unlike other online tools, Google Website Optimizer is packed with features that will help you develop a profitable business online. With Google Website Optimizer, you get a sophisticated tool that tests and compares different landing pages.

Helps you create content for your target audience

Once you have identified the personas of your users through tools and testing procedures, you may develop contents that would appeal to the target audience of your business.

How many landing pages do I need?

As recent studies have suggested, online businesses won’t notice an increment in leads when they are increasing the number of their landing pages from one to six or ten. A lot of online businesses, however, would see a 55% increment in leads when increasing the total amount of their landing pages from ten up to fourteen or more.

I like the concept of having multiple landing pages, but how can I all optimize them at the same time?

<some image comes here>Landing Page Optimization

“How To Optimize Your Landing Pages” – Infographic by Invesp

Optimizing as well as creating a number of landing pages can be very time-consuming even for experienced affiliates and affiliate managers. To make things simpler and faster, it is best that you make use of landing page optimization and designing tools like

  • is a website that allows an affiliate to conduct a series of testing procedures on his or her landing pages. It can be integrated with your Google Analytics to provide a more comprehensive tracking procedure. On top of that, this tool has a slew of tools that would create landing pages, such as style sheet editor, manageable HTML features, and a WYSIWYG creator and editor.
  • Instapage is a unique and sophisticated tool that can help you create landing pages that will optimize on their own. With Instapage, you just have to enter your web page’s into their system, and the program will do the rest.
  • LivePages HQ is a reliable online tool that helps you create and optimize landing pages effectively.
  • Optimizely is an easy to use and popular tool that allows you as an affiliate, to continuously track any variant you want to use after embedding a code into your landing page’s HTML. This tool can be used to track down a number of variables like sign ups, conversions, clicks and other vital metrics.

Aside from offering an array of tracking features, this tool can also be combined with other popular analytic and metric tool, such as SiteCatalyst, KISSmetrics and Google Analytics.

  • Kickoff Labs is an awesome affiliate marketing tool that provides complete and simple solutions for creating contest pages, email capture and more importantly, landing pages. As a landing page tool, Kickoff Labs offer a great number of customizable and personalized themes for embedded forms, mobile apps, contents and lead generation.

It’s your turn!

If you have something or anything useful to share, please do so using the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your ideas. Ciao!

November 25, 2015