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Split Testing for Affiliate Success

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to measure the results and efficiency of your landing pages and affiliate site.

By getting valuable metrics from your affiliate site and landing pages, you get essential data that will help you make tweaks and changes to increase your affiliate marketing campaign’s performance.

Hence, as an affiliate or a merchant, you need to take advantage of split testing or A/B testing.

Performing split testing on a regular basis is by far a vital undertaking if you want your income from affiliate marketing to continuously grow.

In this article, I will be showing you how important split testing is, and what are the elements on your site or landing page that you need to test.

If you are really serious in becoming a successful merchant or an affiliate, I suggest that you dig into this topic a bit more.

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What is Split Testing?

  • Split testing, or also referred as A/B testing, is a testing procedure that every affiliate and merchant should do on a regular basis. Basically, split testing is a marketing testing procedure in which the effectiveness of the two variations of a landing page are being compared and tested against each other.
  • The core function of this testing scheme is to determine which version of your landing page performs better, or which one has better conversion rates and lower bounce rates.
  • Aside from landing pages, split testing can be used to determine which offers, products, layouts, contents, CTAs and other elements of your page convert the most. In addition, they can be used on email marketing campaigns and affiliate blogs.

Is split testing important in affiliate marketing?

A lot affiliates and merchants think that having a multitude of good and attractive landing pages is enough to boost their campaign’s conversions. Little did they know, though, that creating a myriad of good landing pages is just a part of the whole conversion rate optimization process.

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To improve your conversions, you need to test how effective your landing pages are.

  • As a merchant, split testing simply allows you to know what aspects of your landing page are working and converting. In addition, it provides warning signs and cautions that your affiliate business is probably headed to the wrong direction.
  • With split testing, you will be able to determine which areas of your landing page and website need improvement.
  • Split testing practically allows you build the ultimate landing page.
  • Split testing helps you identify which offers draw more attention.
  • Split testing will allow your affiliates to determine the impact of the changes that they have made on their website.

Important landing page elements that need to be tested and studied

There are a lot of elements that you need to test on your landing page or site.

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Here are some of the things that have to be tested on your page:

  • CTA (call to action)

Having a good and appealing call to action is an excellent way to boost your site’s traffic. In addition, a good CTA would encourage a reader or visitor from redeeming an offer, buying a product or subscribing to your newsletter. In this case, try changing the words used on your CTA, or try using a couple of different CTAs, and identify which CTA is more appealing to the readers.

Aside from words, you may also test your CTAs by changing its colors and placement.

  • Type of promotional offers

Consumers in various niches will have different responses to various types of promotions. A consumer looking for skin care or weight loss products, for instance, will respond better to an offer that involves free trial than to a free eBook offer. A free eBook, however, will have a better response from consumers looking for books and newsletter subscriptions. To find out what type of offer converts for your page, perform split testing.

  • Page Layout

Internet users, for the most part, spend less than ten seconds in deciding whether to stay on your site or move to a different site. That said, you need to test which page layout works best for your website or landing page.

  • Images

The images are powerful agents that can affect the visitor’s behavior towards your website. The best way to determine the ideal images for your landing page is, of course, take advantage of split testing.

  • Sales copy

Your landing page’s sales copy portrays a major role in determining whether your readers will bounce or convert. When split testing your sales copy, make sure to test various formatting options and headings as well as reword the contents of your offers.

  • Color schemes

Your page’s color scheme will have an impact in the way your visitors take action on your site. Hence, it is imperative that you split test, and determine which color combination best converts.

The goals you need to set after each split test

  • Optimize landing page and improve conversion rate.

Split testing is a crucial part of landing page optimization. Once you have done your split testing, you should identify the factors that have led to the losses in your landing page. With the help of the data you have gathered through your split test, find the best solutions to correct those factors.

  • Reduce the landing page’s bounce rate.

After split testing, make sure to identify which layout, images and color combination that have the lowest bounce rates. Also, find out what aspects of your site can cause your visitors to exit your page.

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  • Maximize your page’s ROI.

Every affiliate or merchant should use split testing to maximize the ROI from his or her page and affiliate business.

  • Determine the products your customers want.

A product or service can be easily sold to an individual who wants it. Thus, after split testing, you should come up with a line of products that is best suited for your targeted customers.

  • Improve SERP rankings.

A/B testing helps you discover the right keywords, solutions and content that will increase your page’s rankings in search engine result pages.

How to Split Test?

Split testing is fairly simple and it does not require any knowledge in programming. Basically, it is like comparing apples with oranges. As mentioned, it is a test to test which version of an aspect of your landing page is better than the other. Here is an example of a simple split test

  1. Create a snappy and attractive headline.
  2. Write a different version that is similar to it, using different fonts and words.
  3. Run a test that would identify which one is better than the other.
  4. Keep changing and tweaking it, until you can come up with a headline that generates the most conversions.

Tools for A/B Testing

There are a lot of tools that can be used for A/B testing. Here are some of the best, most effective and affordable tools you can use to test your landing page or affiliate site:

<some image comes here> google website optimizer

This tool is easily the most versatile and popular web optimizer on the internet. Aside from split tests, Google Website Optimizer also supports multivariable split tests.

With this tool, you get to easily run an A/B test on your landing page or site. Besides split testing, Unbounce can also be used for building and publishing landing pages with high conversion rates.

This tool is an ideal split testing program for people who do not have relevant experience in HTML. While its platform is fairly easy to use, it still delivers advanced functions, such as multivariable testing.

If you are using Wordpess, this split testing tool or plug-in allows you to know which aspect of your page is more effective in getting opt-ins, signups, clicks and others.

Basically, it is a free split testing tool that can be integrated with Google Analytics.

It is a simple split testing tool that tests the first impressions or layout or designs.

The importance of using an affiliate software program in split testing

Split testing is best when used in an affiliate software program instead of an affiliate network. Here are some of the reasons why using an affiliate software program is important in split testing.

  • Complete brand control. As opposed to affiliate networks, an affiliate software program allows you to get complete control of your campaign’s brand, meaning you can test what contents, banners and CTAs are ideal for your page.
  • More flexible. When it comes to content creation, affiliate software programs are by far more flexible than affiliate networks. With an affiliate software program, you get a chance to split test what banners, color schemes, layouts drive more conversions.
  • Tracking is easy. With an affiliate software program, there are no third-party programs that will prevent you from tracking the results of your split tests.

How often should I run split tests?

As a merchant or an affiliate, split testing should be done on a regular basis. Keep in mind that trends and customer shopping behavior change frequently. The more you run your split tests, the higher your conversion rates will be on your website or affiliate site. With regular A/B testing, you get to find the right combinations that drive high conversion rates.

Speak up!

If you have something to share with us about A/B testing in affiliate marketing, please use our comment section below. Until next time! Ciao!

November 29, 2015