About Us

A sneak peek inside the people, processes, office life, and culture of MarkAce.

The Brief

MarkAce Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is an Internet Marketing company based in India founded in September 2009.

We research and advertise niche products through Internet and implement Internet Marketing strategies to create products which will help people lead a better future.

We also perform our marketing strategies at a global scale which includes but is not limited to web development, online coaching, consultancy, affiliate marketing, product development, and customer support.

We consider customer satisfaction as our number one priority and all our efforts are based towards achieving that goal. We have a network of websites, products, and resources that streamlines our company activities.

Our team comprises of some of the most brilliant minds who enjoy doing what they do.

We believe internet marketing has a wonderful future ahead, and we want to be a big part of that future. Feel free to browse this website to learn more about our company.

The Process

1. Research

Figure out the pain points of potential customers.

2. Design

Always stay ahead of the curve with modern design.

3. Develop

Keeping end users in mind throughout the dev cycle.

4. Polish

Customer feedback and community takes us further.

The Offices

First Mohali, then Noida, and Next?

We believe that good work is only possible in a good working environment!

We started our "work-play" office initially in Mohali and carried those values to our office in Noida. We had a 5600 square foot office in Noida which we build completely from scratch!

So apart from spacious workstations, and top-of-the-line tech stuff, we had a conference room that made some Fortune 500 companies blush. And a recreation room with Table Tennis, Pool, Fooseball, Playstation and HD TV with large LCDs... just to name some attractions at the MarkAce office.

We are one of the very few IM companies in India that follow the product or 'in-house' approach rather than the 'service' based model.